Best Curriculum

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What are the best curriculums since there are so many? Many parents are looking for a plan that fits their schedule, and their child’s learning style. We try to help you find the best fit for your child’s curriculum. 

After researching the online plans, local bookstores, and libraries, we feel the best curriculum is the Classical style of education. This type of curriculum is comprehensive and provides a good balance of the classic subjects: reading, writing, math, science, and history. 

There are many types and formats of Homeschooling that we have found, but so far we will stick with the Classical type. We try to explain the other types the best we can to help you find the right curriculum for your children.

The classic type of education is what many of us might find familiar especially if we grew up in the 1970s-1990s. Yes, that’s right, a long time ago! When I was growing up, we studied the same predictable subjects we just mentioned. Of course, there are differences and varying levels. But they are basically based on the trivium or 3 basic stages of children’s development and learning styles.

Reading is a major part and an important basis for all subjects. An excellent must for your child to master any subject. When you experience the story of what you read, you remember it. (See The Neuroscience of Your Brain on Fiction for the evidence.)

One book that really helped us out is The Well Trained Mind by Susan Bauer Wise. You can check it out here at Amazon. This book is literally full of very easy-to-read guides based on the age and what you should focus on by year. Which subject and even a resource list of books and daily schedules. It was very helpful to give us an overall picture of the process as a new homeschooling family and dad! 

As we get more into the process we will add more of our recommendations to share with you. But this is the best resource that fits our thinking so far.